Ishtar is the first person I met who

always smiled and said – good carry on

and he advised us to listen to our hearts and

to remain on the safe side of our choices

in fact he told me that the path is not only beautiful but also dangerous

you will see both good and bad

but we should watch it just like a movie and

move on

told us never to get caught up with it

because it’s all temporary

he calls it Maya

the best thing he said is to talk about the things which are positive and

to remove all the negative ones

not only in our talk

but also remove it from our thoughts and feelings

when we do think or feel about it or even talk about it

we are feeding it with energy

negative energy

Ishtar always said – talk think and feel only the positive

feed it positively

only that you want

never never never do otherwise to hurt yourself

one thing I realised that all the paths that are available to know god

each has its yin and yang

no one path is perfect

no one method is perfect

no one person is perfect

Ishtar said – even Adhi Shankaracharya was admonished by Lord Shiva in person

for being arrogant and egoistic

so to human is to err

to forgive is divine

we have both the qualities in us

to err and to forgive

so we can’t exclude the bad from the good

and the good from the bad

we want the juice

we must accept the pulp too

Ishtar said – if something or someone is negative

do look at the silver lining to the situation

find something positive in it or to it

focus on that tiny positiveness and

let it grow inside you

then you have control over the situation and

the person

then you can choose to think and

feel and

imagine the situation and

the person

as you want it to be

then it will change gradually to the way you want

the course of direction is set for positivity

well he did recommend prayers to make you feel happy inside

that is positive and

told us to hold on to that happiness

and let it grow

Ishtar said you can’t change anything when you are feeling down or negative

you can only change your life or situation or things or people when

you are feeling positive inside

there is never anything wrong

there is always opportunities to discover more about oneself and


sounds like a dream

the last I heard from Ishtar he said – right up to this moment

I am the summation of everything that I am

from birth



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