A Year In Passing – Differrent Shades Of White & Grey

What if the year was not punctuated with festivities or gaeities celebrating the arrival or end of a time, era, epoch or event but one long sonorous tune – a long day with different shades of light and darkness?  What if I discard all forms of time monitoring or recording devices and settle with the flow of time – the metronome none other than the natural flow of the day unfolding and enveloping itself just as the petals of a flower bathed in dew? Would I be lost in the moment or “now” as mentioned in ancient wisdom? A continous melody of the day peeling itself and glistening with a fresh layer each passing moment, unencumbered by the disappearing sands of time. Would the woes of the material world scald me? Would it chase me to my timeless grave? Would it haunt me as regrets grating my neck like a noose – waiting to silence the infinite melody – the different shades of white and grey in my unbreakable day that lasts for eons?


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