Praise, Reward & Recognition

Wouldn’t it be great that everyone was empowered to reward exemplary behavior instead of just superiors or people of authority? And recognition is accumulated daily 24/7 and total tallied at the end of the month and the most deserving employee is selected by those rewards given by his own fellow colleagues and mates and peers and strangers alike? Then we no longer have to suck up to our superiors or pretend awe and fear of those who wield their power like a whip over us for their selfish personal gains. The superior is now expected to perform just like the rest and the pyramid of hierachy becomes inverted and power is restored to each one at the base, the front line, the mere digits in the system and all are held accountable irregardless of heirachy, money or status. Reward is based on actual action – not on perceived or biased favors done.


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